Charters and Group Rates – Verbal confirmation required to complete reservation.

A Group Rate is available for parties of 16 people and up. We can offer charters throughout the week as well as the weekend, but check with Bruce on pricing, as we really need to have 50+ to make it economical for them. 40 individuals are fine, but they will be charged at the regular rate (Travel Agencies, Parks & Rec., etc., will be given a special rate: Check with Bruce).

Gratuity is added for parties of 9 or more: $6.50/per paying individual for the 5-course selection or $5.50/per paying individual, for the 3-course selection.

A full train charter is available with individual car charters also available for groups to consider, if they want the whole car to themselves. Sales Tax & Gratuity are NOT INCLUDED in the rates below.

Our four cars will accommodate up to 32, 42, 52, or 56 respectively.  Base pricing for a car charter is listed below but is not the final price. Please call our office for a quote or for entire train charters.

All of the cars have a sound system available if your group needs a microphone, television or VCR/DVD capabilities (in Maris Des Cygnes River and Maple Creek.)

In order to insure space for a group or charter, we do recommend making reservations as soon as possible.

Evening Dinner

Eve. Special Event

Sunday Dinner

Sunday Special Event

Marais Des Cygnes River $2,485.00 $3,085.00 $2,120.00 $2,720.00
Maple Creek $3,195.00 (Seats 54) $3,785.00 $2,725.00 (seats 54) $3,325.00
Rose Creek $3,300.00 (Seats 54) $3,900.00 $2,825.00 $3,425.00

For any open seats that groups (charters specifically) may have, we will deduct $30.00/unused seat for the 5-course excursion, and $25.00/unused seat for the 3-course excursion. However, we will not offer unused seat discount if we have already ordered entrees for those seats.

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