3-Course Dinner, nearly 3-hr. Train Ride, with Optional Murder Mystery, “Marriage is Murder!”

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February 24, 2019 @ 1:30 pm – 4:15 pm

Synopsis for “Marriage is Murder!”

Dateline – Fall 1944 – Aboard American industrialist Spencer Tracy’s private railroad car – While war rages in Europe, Tracy and his wife, Katharine celebrate the pending marriage of their daughter Elizabeth to playboy Micky Fisher.  Even though the national press disdains extravagance in the midst of severe wartime sacrifices, the nuptials will be held this weekend at a world famous resort.  Since Tracy’s factories produce the gun sights used in the bombing runs over Berlin, rumors of Nazi spies and industrial espionage agents lurking on board run rampant.  In their desperate retreat, will the Germans deploy awesome new secret weapons of mass destruction?  Can the allies continue their victorious advances?  Will there ever be enough good men to marry with this darn war going on?  Did Elizabeth make the right choice?  Will the event bring more than wedding bells?  Tune in.


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