Special Events

Our Saturday evening dining experience includes a three hour train ride, a delicious five-course dinner, and coffee or hot/cold tea. Also note that Saturday runs are designed for adults and we do suggest a dress up attire.

Our Sunday afternoon run includes a two and a half hour train ride, a three-course dinner, and coffee or hot/cold tea.  We also offer children’s menu’s and pricing on the more casual Sunday runs.

Although we have “dining only” available, if you wish to enhance your dining experience, you may want to include a special event (murder mystery, WWII USO show, music shows, live entertainment, etc.) in your dining experience. There is an additional charge of $21 per person for entertainment.  If you need flowers, cakes, or unique arrangements for special occasions, please let us know.

Take a look at our calendar to see the dates of our special events!

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  • Casablanca Express

    As you flee across war torn North Africa, you have an appoint with murder. You may be a black marketer, a Nazi sympathizer, or at the mercy of both – wondering how you’ll ever escape Casablanca.

    • A Mob Wedding

      Be careful which side of the train you sit on because these two families DO NOT get along and nobody wants this wedding to proceed. Your seat determines your familial allegiance and your character. Guests enjoy a traditional Italian wedding with all the bells, whistles and food that go with it. But one member of one of the families does not make it through the ceremony. It’s up to Detective Johnny Spade to step in and solve another murder without risking his own life.

      • The Maltese Murders

        You are riding the rails with dangerous characters who fanatically pursue an ancient objet d’art. Supposedly, the Falcon was smuggled out of the Far East shortly before Japan conquered China.  Someone said it was, “The stuff that dreams are made of.” But are dreams made of murder and mayhem?

        •  Cousin of  Frankenstein 

          This is a parody of the classic horror story, with the passengers taking part in either assisting or hindering the less-than-threatening plans for Victor Frankenstein’s cousin to carry on the family business and create a Monster of his own….on board the Kansas Belle!

          •  The Gambler 

            Tex is a gambler and his luck has just run out. Guests enjoy a variety of faux casino games with play money during the dinner excursion. On the way back, they have to figure out what happened to Tex, his money and his 10 gallon hat. Only Detective Johnny Spade can get to the bottom of the dastardly deed and the guilty party is likely lower than a snake’s belly. It’s a rootin’ tootin’ train hollerin’ good time.

            •  Magician 

               Your father created magic in your life in so many different ways.  Now you can share our gift of magic with your dad on board for Father’s Day. Keith Leff of Magicreations is bringing his award winning show to your tableside!  As the recipient of the ‘Magician of Year’

              Voted ‘Best Magician’ in Kansas City 3 Years Running, and Gold Medal Recipient for ‘Achievement in Comedy’ you will be amazed!

              •  Have a Holly Jolly Murder 

                The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are holding Santa N. Claus as a material witness in the murder of an elf. The Mounties declared the Pole a crime scene and allowed Santa one phone call. He rang Mrs. Claus in Florida. She hired a couple of flaky gumshoes – Scrooge and Marley. Their mission… shadow a suspicious elf.

                •  Live Victorian Carolers 

                   Enjoy Christmas carols in the depot before you board, on the train sing along songs, and as you depart from your journey with us.  Singers are in authentic costume to add to the festive feeling in the air.  No additional charge for the live entertainment – our gift to you!  Merry Christmas!

                  •  Lights! Camera! Assassination!  

                     B.B. Michaels, the famed Hollywood director, is onboard this train tonight, ready to film the thirteenth sequel in his highly popular, but critically panned motion picture series…but someone else seems to have been rehearsing something more sinister, and the set has become a crime scene! Can you help solve the mystery before there is a second take?

                    •  MARCH MIDNIGHT MURDER MADNESS 

                      It is 1940, and the audience awaits a special presentation for the coach of KU’s basketball team… when it is revealed that he has been murdered… and the killer is somewhere in the crowd! Is it the mysterious millionaire? The quirky foreigner who has invented his own curious alternative to basketball? The sultry librarian with a secret or two in her card catalog? Can the killer be caught before he strikes again, and Kansas basketball is doomed forever? 

                      •  The Step-Cousin of Frankenstein

                        The unveiling of a world-changing new invention from none other than the legendary Victor Frankenstein is jeopardized when the infamous scientist goes missing!!!!  However, hope arrives in the unlikely form of his bumbling step-cousin, Melvin.  Can they figure out Dr. Frankenstein’s secret and save the day?!?!?!  And WHAT exactly is Melvin keeping in that black bag……??

                        • The Return of the Mad Scientist's Revenge!

                          The dastardly Dr. Sinister, the most brilliant criminal mind of the century, has broken free from prison, and rumors emerge that he may attempt to hijack the Baldwin Express!  But how?  What new fiendish invention has he developed to accomplish his evil plan?  Where is his arch-enemy, Commander Vic Victory, the all-American protector of everything good, kind, and decent?  And why is everyone so interested in a recipe for mashed potatoes?

                        • Perils on the Prairie! A Melodrama 

                          Return with us to yesteryear and participate in a family friendly melodrama, complete with dastardly moustache-twirling bad guys, darling damsels in distress, and gallant good guys ready to save the day!  Audience members are welcome to cheer for the heroes, boo and hiss at the villains, and interact with the funny events that unfold around them.  Campy thrills and all-ages excitement await!   Clean family fun!

                        • Catfield's & McHoy's: A Hillbilly Reunion 

                          It’s time to put feuds and grudges aside as the famous warring families attempt to bury the hatchet, as their least educated, but most outspoken, children come together in holy matrimony! Unfortunately, not everyone is excited for this union to take place, and certain parties conspire to ruin this happy, if goofy, event…. Who is behind the evil plot?  What secrets do the families have to reveal?  And where did all that moonshine go?

                        • Marriage is Murder

                          Dateline – Fall 1944 – Aboard American industrialist Spencer Tracy’s private railroad car – While war rages in Europe, Tracy and his wife, Katharine celebrate the pending marriage of their daughter Elizabeth to playboy Micky Fisher.  Even though the national press disdains extravagance in the midst of severe wartime sacrifices, the nuptials will be held this weekend at a world famous resort.  Since Tracy’s factories produce the gun sights used in the bombing runs over Berlin, rumors of Nazi spies and industrial espionage agents lurking on board run rampant.  In their desperate retreat, will the Germans deploy awesome new secret weapons of mass destruction?  Can the allies continue their victorious advances?  Will there ever be enough good men to marry with this darn war going on?  Did Elizabeth make the right choice?  Will the event bring more than wedding bells?  Tune in.

                        • Destination Murder

                          The mysterious billionaire has passed away…  and his last will and testament is about to be read.  Anyone might stand to inherit his vast estate… provided they find out who murdered him!  But there is a catch: if the killer is not caught by the end of the reading of the will, the millionaire has ensured his revenge with a ticking time bomb that holds everyone captive! Who will live and who will die?  All we know for sure is that nobody is exactly who they appear to be!

                        • Reunion Murders

                          Class of ’44 Lamont Cranston High School, home of the Lonesome Moose, is celebrating their twentieth year class reunion aboard millionaire Milton Harlow’s private railway car. This year he’s dedicating a scholarship fund in his daughter, Jean Harlow’s name. She died mysteriously in a car accident the night of her graduation. Many members of the class were with her that evening and most have lingering doubts about whether the hit and run was really an accident. Although the case is officially closed, Milton Harlow has no doubts, he believes his daughter was murdered and he demands justice.

                        • Murder on the Baldwin Express

                          A former big band singer is murdered during a musical set aboard the Kansas Belle Dinner Train. The audience, with assistance from Detective Johnny Spade, help determine who did it, how and why. Was it her understudy? Was it another member of the band? Was it the conductor of the train? Or…was it a member of the audience that partakes in the hilarity. Only the long, dark shadow of Kansas Belle knows the truth.

                        • The Guardians of Super Justice

                          Return with us to yesteryear… as you are cordially invited in a meeting of a mysterious society of up-and-coming caped crusaders and vigilant vigilantes. Where wannabe superheroes form all over the country converge to discuss their newest victories, nastiest villains and if anyone knows of a tailor that’s good with spandex. But this meeting might hold a surprise for these bumbling defenders of justice, as someone on board has a murderous grudge against one of them… and someone may not be whom they seem, even after their alter-ego is revealed! So leave your tights and cape at home, but bring your wits and witness as this group of no-so-super heroes will most certainly need your help.

                        • The Ghost of Solomon Crabb

                          As the shadow of the night looms over the trail tracks that stretch between Baldwin and Ottawa, a famed tycoon has invited guests aboard the Baldwin Express for a seance in hopes of solving a 20 year old mystery. But the psychic that arrives to contact the dearly departed may not be everything they appear to be, and everyone may have more spirits to deal with than they expected by the time the evening is over. Expect laughs, mysteries, and perhaps a spooky surprise or two!

                        • Casablanca Express

                          As you flee across war torn North Africa, you have an appointment with murder. You may be a black marketer, a Nazi sympathizer, or at the mercy of both- wondering how you’ll ever escape Casablanca.

                        Please contact us for reservations or gift certificates at (785) 594-8505, or email us at [email protected].

                        If you have unique requests for flowers, or other arrangements for your special occasion, let us know.

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                        Our professional team from Nebraska comes in once a month to delight our guests with fun loving murder mysteries.

                        Our professional team from Lawrence KS, “The Guild Theater”, comes in the other 3 weekends each month to delight our guests with fun loving murder mysteries.